Baroque readings 2018-2019

Baroque was presented in different venues across the world, from Azerbaijan, Austria and Spain to Germany and the US. Michalopoulou’s novel was translated in bits and pieces, chapter by chapter, thanks to the support of her translators. The enthusiasm and perseverance of such translators as Karen Emmerich and Patricia Felisa Barbeito (English), Birgit Hildebrand (German), Merce Guitart (Spanish and Catalan), Rene Bouchet,  Jeanne Roques Tesson, Florence Seropian and Gilles Decorvet (French), Lale Alatli (Turkish), Maurizio de Rosa (Italian), made possible this hybrid of a translation.

  • Modern Greek Studies Association. Sacramento, November 2019.
    A round table on Baroque with Lyssi Athanasiou-Krikelis, Gerasimus Katsan, Johanna Eleftheriou and the author.
  • “Lost in translation” in Goethe Institut, Athens, April 2019.
    Bilingual greek actors Alexandra Aidinis, Lena Kitsopoulou, Alkistis Poulopoulou, Eva Simatou read from the works of Michalopoulou and Penga. Baroque was read in French, English and German translation.
  • Ego in Fabula Festival, Slovenia, 2019.
    Readings in different venues of the Festival, which investigated auto-fiction in prose and poetry.
  • CEMOG, Free University, Berlin. A reading together with author Antzi Saltabassis.
  • Reading in Barcelona, Spain, May 2019
  • Reading in Brussels, May 2019
  • Reading in Baku University, Azerbaijan, February 2018
  • Reading and discussion with Dr. Trine Willert-Stauning and author Rebecca Bach-Lauritsen, during the launch of Greek Institute of Denmark.