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Bright Day

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About the book:

Awarded the Short Story Award of the Academy of Athens in 2013.

What does “bright day” mean in Chinese?
Where does Mesopotamia belong?
How should we treat an old scar?
Can four hundred pleats bring you down?
Or the passionate sex between two hedgehogs?

More about Bright Day

Just yesterday a man spat on the sidewalk at her feet to show her how much he detested her. Marianna tried to keep in mind that people saw her as a symbol, not a person.
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I ran into my father near Potsdamer Platz three years after his death. I was on my way to the library in the Kulturforum.
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A theatre monologue based on the short story Find him from Bright Day.
Played by 
Maria Koumpani, directed by Kostas Aristopoulos.