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How literature teaches empathy

The more education falls into decline because of a lack of imagination (not to mention funds), the more literature is called on to serve as another form of education.

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Notes on Credulity

Writers who don’t believe in God place their faith in literature instead—and they do so in distinctly religious terms. Indeed, if we take into account the readers, we can talk about a religious movement of millions, with heated differences in opinion about dogma (what literature is and what it isn’t).

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Mythos und Alltag in Berlin

Bei den heutigen Großstädten kann man nicht sagen: Zeig mir den Friedhof und das Wirtshaus, und ich sage dir, was für Leute hier leben.

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Articles in Tagesspiegel

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Ohne Donau geht’s nicht

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Experience: Our Sweet Summer Home in Corinthia

It’s a time capsule of my personal history, where I still unearth old comics and discover dresses that became dust rags, and where my mother still fries meatballs in the kitchen.

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